Aug 1, 2020 @ 14:53

You deserve it! Rico Quicho gives advice to Batch 2020 Law Graduates, Law students

Abogado and Law Professor Rico Quicho shared on his Facebook account that his students have been messaging him to thank him for their grades.

According to Atty. Quicho, their passing marks are not because of ‘companion’ or ‘leniency’.

“I have been receiving messages of thanks from my students who passed their subjects. You truly deserve it not because of my compassion or leniency but because you embraced the system we agreed upon and with the heavy lifting you did to finish strong.”

He also send his challenge and inspiring advice to the new graduates and to the students who will be facing new challenges anew.

“Do not use influence or petty excuses to pass. Do not waver in your desire to become lawyers. Use your passion for the law to push you to greater heights. Congratulations!!!”

Ang inspiring!

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