Wuhan virus update: Returning Filipinos will be quarantined for 14 days – DOJ

Returning Filipinos from Hubei province (Wuhan its capital), China will be quarantined for 14 days, a senior official of the Department of Justice disclosed on Wednesday.

“(As) per BI (Bureau of Immigration), quarantine lasts 14 days. So far, repatriation will cover those in the Hubei Province,” Perete told reporters covering the Justice beat. BI is an attached agency of DOJ.

Earlier today, Perete bared that a special team of immigration officers will handle formalities for returning overseas Filipinos from Hubei in light of the Wuhan coronavirus that continues to spread throughout Asia and the rest of the world.

“Immigration procedures and formalities for repatriated overseas Filipinos from parts of China will be handled by a special team of immigration officers. The team has undergone briefings conducted by the BoQ and will be provided with the necessary protective gears, ” Perete told reporters covering the Justice beat.

According to Perete, a dedicated team of Immigration officers will handle the immigration formalities of returning Filipinos, afterwards,” they (returning Filipinos) will be quarantined accordingly.”

“A dedicated team of IOs (Immigration officers) will conduct the formalities. I understand they will also be quarantined after,” Perete bared.

“The team has been briefed by the Bureau of Quarantine and will be provided the necessary protective gear,” he continued.

Perete underscored the need to still subject returning Filipinos from Wuhan to immigration processes in a bid to weed out “those who wants to exploit the situation.”

“Apart from updating travel records, immigration formalities are essential for our national security. We want to make sure that our security is not compromised by those who seek to gain entry into our territory by exploiting the current situation,” Perete said.

” We need to remember that terrorism, among others, remains as valid a threat as the current medical emergency we are facing, ” he added.

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