Friday 14 December, 2018
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Wow bago! Gideon Peña reacts to UST Law booklet

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It seems like the workload is the least of some aspiring abogado’s problems. Abogado Twitter personality, Your Lawyer Says, recently shared the comment he received in his Special Proceedings examination booklet.

The law professor graded his exam accordingly but wrote a very important comment. The abogado said that the aspirant should learn to improve his handwriting.

Atty. Gideon Peña also replied with his own comment and praised the appearance of the law booklet instead. He pointed out that it will be better if the student number is not written so the professor can blindly and honestly grade the student’s exam.

The abogado also offered consoling words to the law student by saying that he too experienced the same pains. He wrote, ” P.S. sa mga may panget na sulat at pinanghihinaan ng loob, tingnan niyo handwriting ko.”

Kalahig ng manok gaming is strong!

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