Jul 21, 2021 @ 19:10

Wilfredo Garrido on SC decision vs Duterte: He is not immune, not here or any part of the world!

UP Law alumnus and author Wilfredo Garrido blasted President Rodrigo Duterte after the Supreme Court ruled against him in challenging the ICC jurisdiction prior to the country’s withdrawal. The abogado said that this only shows that he is not immune here or any part of the world for that matter.

Garrido stated that even the people who supported his stance such as Spokesperson Harry Roque and the Office of the Solicitor General are proven to be wrong. The abogado called Roque out specifically who put his reputation as an International Law expert in backing Duterte up.

He said that he can be persecuted for the alleged murders that happened prior to the withdrawal. The abogado wrote that he is not as untouchable as they perceived.

Nowhere to hide!

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