Nov 21, 2021 @ 8:57

Wilfredo Garrido on Quiboloy’s future: Run as a fugitive or surrender to US!

UP Law author and alumnus Wilfredo Garrido theorizes on what will happen to Pastor Apollo Quiboloy after he is indicted for sex trafficking.

The abogado said that he could pull a similar stunt as Brother Eli Soriano who flew to Brazil due to rape charges.

However, Garrido shot it down along the way given Brazil’s extradition agreement with the US. The abogado also said that he can spend years on the run as a fugitive but emphasized on the US Prosecution’s ability fo hunt for men they tag as Most Wanted.

He eventually offered the easier route of surrendering after this was taken by then billionaire Mark Jimenez who helped former President Joseph Estrada pocket billions. The abogado stated that he does not want to end up as a sacrificial lamb for the government eager to appease the ICC that the justice system in the Philippines work.

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