Mar 12, 2021 @ 19:05

Why so serious? Aspiring Chief Justice Gesmundo made to explain why he rarely smiles

Is he a snob or just determined? Associate Justice Alexander Gesmundo sets the record straight.

The former Sandiganbayan justice now applying to be the head of the Judiciary was surprised with a light question after a battery of intellectually-inducing queries from the interview panel of the Judicial and Bar Council.

Gesmundo was asked: “Do you think life is too serious to be taken too seriously? Our partners observed and asked: why don’t you smile in pictures?”

He was caught off-guard and chuckled, breaking the tension. “I think it’s my nature that when I talk to people and listen to people, I would rather be looking attentively. That’s how I am able to catch the attention of the person I am talking to,” the abogado explained.

Will this answer help him rise to the Chief Justice seat? Stay tuned!

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