Oct 21, 2021 @ 18:59

‘What is life to you’: Chel Diokno says father’s letter still reflects current PH state

FLAG Chairman Chel Diokno retweeted a copy from a letter his father sent to him from prison back in the Martial Law Days.

The abogado said that this still reflects the current state or reality in the Philippines.

Diokno said that this was from 1974 and his words are still relevant as he talked about how easy it is to get paralyzed by inaction or not care for the welfare of others. However, the abogado reiterated the question he was asked on what is life for him and shared it to others who will now read the letter so it can stir up something in their heads.

His father and former senator Jose Diokno was sent to prison by former dictator Ferdinand Marcos as he actively opposed the regime.

Food for thought lang for election season!

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