Chinese woman indicted for assault over 'taho' incident

Walang modo! Chinese woman indicted for assault over ‘taho’ incident

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Mandaluyong City fiscal on Tuesday found probable cause to file criminal charges against Chinese national Zhang Jiale for splashing “taho” (soy pudding) at a police officer during a heated confrontation at a Metro Rail Transit (MRT) 3 station.

In a resolution, City Senior Assistant Prosecutor Leynard Dumlao ruled the circumstances suggest probable cause to charge her with direct assault against a person in authority.

The law on the offense requires that “the assault and force must be serious in character as to indicate respondent’s determination to defy the law and its representative at all hazards.”

Dumlao said the throwing of the cup of “taho” on complainant Police Officer William Cristobal, who was in uniform, is considered “deliberate and serious” disobedience to a police officer performing his duties.

“It is offensive both by legal and moral norm, considering that there was no provocation on the part of the police officers. Simply put, respondent’s unwarranted act is an abrasive affront against an officer in uniform resenting a national institution,” he explained.

The MRT management has been implementing a no-liquid policy inside the station and train as part of security measures being implemented by the authorities.

Instead of complying, Zhang argued with authorities and threw the “taho” at Cristobal, who approached her and tried to explain the policy to her. (PNA)

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