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Walang ambag! Jesus Falcis calls Kris Aquino a BBM supporter, ‘oligarch brat’

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Atty. Jesus Falcis is really coming after Kris Aquino with extra ferociousness. The abogado has included the name of the celebrity to the list of cancelled celebrities who are exposed to be Bongbong Marcos supporters.

Falcis noted that despite her surname, Aquino has admitted to supporting Marcos’ son. The abogado said that this is a test of principle that she failed and asked everyone to be pro-country instead after this revelation.

The abogado also noted that the Queen of All Media did not contribute in making the country a better place. He wrote, “She’s an oligarch brat whose world revolves only around herself. Love, love, love! May umamin na liar. “”

Sanay sa online jumbagan yung inaway ni Krizzy!

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