Tuesday 11 December, 2018
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Wala sa followers yan! Litigation abogado slams Mocha Uson

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Severo Brillantes of Brillantes Law firm was triggered by Mocha Uson’s assumption that high online engagement is the result of “serving the people”.

“People do not necessarily engage you because you serve and love the people. People may engage you because you pander on their biases and prejudices,” the abogado said, referring to Uson, Sass Rogando Sasot and others in their league who have a huge following online.

For Brillantes, their aim is not to seek truth but victory, which traces its roots to the Sophists of Ancient Greece a culture of fallacy to deceive people.

He even gave an example:

“That a piece by yours or Sassot is found by your followers to be engaging does not mean it is truthful. One may be influenced by content which he considers worth reading because it happens to coincide with his biases and prejudices and not because it speaks the truth,” he said.

“Just observe how your fanatical followers devour every news of yours which are later exposed to be fake, sharing them without verifying their contents as these fake news merely reflect their biases and prejudices,” he added.

Bato-bato sa langit!

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