Wag samin! Chel Diokno reacts to Duterte’s ‘penis’ brag

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Atty. Chel Diokno continues to call out President Rodrigo Duterte’s tastelessness. The abogado reacted to the President’s most recent penis bragging tirade in one of his public engagements.

Diokno said that Duterte should refrain from involving Otso Diretso in his crassness. The abogado even noted that if he has indeed something to brag about, he should know the correct direction to place it.

‘Wag ako! Diokno reacts to Duterte’s outrageous comments

The abogado suggested that he should point his huge genital to China instead. Previously, Duterte has also resulted to name calling and branded Diokno as “pangit.”

Mas pangit ata administration mo!

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