Jan 21, 2021 @ 14:59

UP abogado prof on cancelled DND deal: Lahat pwedeng pag-usapan

An abogado professor from the University of the Philippines Diliman shared her thoughts on the rescinded deal between UP and the Department of National Defense, saying that the two parties can redraw agreements rather than scrap the accord altogether.

Atty. Marichu Lambino of the UP College of Mass Communication said there are ways to use the long-standing deal that would still allow state forces to set foot in University campuses when absolutely required, without compromising academic freedom.

“Search warrants are usually of dwellings and houses. Search warrants of dwellings and houses inside Barangay U.P. Campus have been served before. The Accord does not pose a problem as such,” she posted on her website, offering her legal opinion upon the request of a media outlet.

“Regarding warrants of arrest if in the name of a U.P. student on campus: If the person to be arrested is a U.P. student and the student is presently on campus, literally, physically on campus, we would like to discuss with Secretary Lorenzana on how to proceed, administrators and faculty members have the duty, under the principle of in loco parentis, to care for the students entrusted to them, and in their custody,” she added.

For her, there’s much room to talk it out and draw up new agreements.

“Let’s sit down, pag-usapan po natin ito. Regarding arrest warrants in the name of faculty members and staff who are presently on campus: In my opinion, as long as the warrants of arrest are not based on acts within the mantle of academic freedom, such warrants may be served observing the requirements of the Constitution and the Rules of Court,” Lambino added.

“I hope that the time and place can be found to sit down, break bread, and talk. We have plenty of time and enough space for this purpose.”

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