Unlike DOJ’s Guevarra, Ombudsman’s Martires hasn’t shut door on probing COVID-positive Koko for endangering public

Ombudsman Samuel Martires is not so quick to give “compassion” to Senator Koko Pimentel for flouting virus quarantine rules just like Justice Secretary Menardo Guevarra.

“I’m discussing with my subordinates if a motu proprio investigation will be conducted on Senator Koko Pimentel’s supposed breach of COVID-19 protocols at the Makati Medical Center,” said Martires in a statement.

Pimentel stayed in Makati Medical Center to accompany his pregnant wife on March 25, the same day he was informed that he was corona-positive based on his tests made on March 20. Doctors, medical staff, and patients at the hospital’s delivery room panicked and were outraged by Pimentel’s recklessness and lack of concern on infecting others.

The former High Court magistrate’s statement contrasted sharply with Guevarra’s knee-jerk reaction to ignore Pimentel’s bad behavior.

“uring abnormal times like these, when people are prone to commit mistakes or violations of the law, the DOJ will temper the rigor of the law with human compassion,” said Guevarra who had earlier told police to be strict in arresting ordinary Filipinos who violate curfew and lockdown rules.

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