Friday 14 December, 2018
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Try mo! San Beda Law student reacts to Chad Osorio’s viral tweet

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The aspiring abogado community is still not over UP Law alumnus, Chad Osorio’s sentiment regarding mediocre grades.

One San Beda Law student even invited Osorio to San Beda Law with a fake invitation from Dean Virgilio Jara.

The abogada aspirant said that Jara wants to bring Osorio in so he can see the struggle law students go through to achieve a mere 75. As one of the law students who fight to get a passing grade, she believes that Osorio’s thoughts on the matter have no bearing.

She wrote the invitation, on behalf of ” students who cry (with happiness) over a 75 and do not care that people like you will never understand.” Osorio has since then apologized for the tweet after it went viral and earned the ire of law students and some abogados.

Think before you click, mga kapatid!

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