Sunday 24 March, 2019
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Truth hurts! Chel Diokno slams Duterte’s foundation of lies

Atty. Chel Diokno is stating facts about the kind of administration that President Rodrigo Duterte is running. The abogado recently released a statement featured in the book, “A Nation For Our Children.”

Diokno said that there is no hesitation in the part of the Duterte administration to use fear and violence just to keep control. The abogado pointed out that his whole government is built on lies propelled by his allies and minions such as the denial of EJKs, issue on sovereignty, women’s rights, suppressing opposition and the red-tagging done by the Philippine National Police against university students.

The abogado emphasized that Duterte and his allies are “mounting a battle” against our very way of life. He encouraged more people to fight for the truth as it is the only thing that gives voice to the powerless.

Guns blazing na din sila against Duterte!

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