True to life! Check out this Ateneo de Davao Law horror story

It seems like the true horror stories are found in law school. One earnest aspiring abogado shares the horrific grade posting he saw in the Ateneo de Davao University College of Law.

Out of the 193 aspiring abogados, no one passed the Persons & Family Relations Exam. The announcement was posted by the door’s windows to inform three sections of the law freshmen batch.

The highest grade obtained during the exam is 67.5. The uploader also shared that he was also in this class and that the person who got the highest score is his classmate.

The aspiring abogado claims that the professor is not just power tripping given his obvious brilliance. He also shared a quote from the professor saying that the students should learn to adjust to the Ateneo standard.

Hello 911, I would like to report a murder!

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