Inatake nga sa puso! Aegis Juris brods tagged in Atio’s death get doctors to deny hazing angle

John Paul Solano, Axel Hipe and Mhin Wei Chan – suspects in the hazing death of Horacio Castillo III – filed their rejoinder-affidavits before the Department of Justice on Thursday.

In their separate rejoinders, the trio submitted medical assessments from three physicians who unanimously concluded that indeed, Castillo died due to his pre-existing heart condition.

Doctors Floresto Arizala Jr., Rodel Capule and Bu Castro disclosed that Castillo died because of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM) condition.

They effectively contradicted the findings of the Philippine National Police medico-legal division that Castillo died of hazing injuries, specifically acute tubular necrosis (ATN) and congestion.

Arizala, a former chief of National Bureau of Investigation medico-legal, laughed off at the PNP headquarters findings, calling it “out of this world because there is no such thing as death due to hazing.”

On the other hand, Capule invoked the initial findings the Manila Police District (MPD) crime laboratory that Castillo had enlarged heart, saying this cannot not be superseded by the findings of the PNP headquarters.

Also, Castro stressed that the findings of the PNP headquarters were not conclusive and insisted that the real cause of death was HCM as stated in Castillo’s death certificate.

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