‘THEY CHOSE TO STAY’: Abogado opens up about death of doctor exposed to COVID-19

Abogado Renato “Aboy” Paraiso confirmed through his social media account the second death of a Pinoy doctor due to exposure from a COVID-19 positive patient.

Dr. Greg Macasaet of Manila Doctors Hospital passed away yesterday, March 22.

He wrote a heartfelt message as a tribute to his close friend that reads:

“For several hours I’ve been in denial, but now I come to grips with reality and the truth, that our dear DR. GREG MACASAET has now departed us and is now with his creator.”

For years I have deactivated my account here in Facebook but this is an exception, this story needs to be told before I…

Posted by Aboy Paraiso on Sunday, 22 March 2020

The Abogado recounted how the late doctor was inately good and helpful, and how he valued his work, profession, and family.

“If you know Ninong Greg, then like me you wouldn’t be surprised on how everything unfolded and even his death speaks to the character of the man and his family. As he recounted to me, he and Ateng chose to stay when most of their colleagues chose to keep themselves safe and did not report for work. This despite having an only son with special needs. THEY CHOSE TO STAY, stay at their post, stay beside their patients, stay true to their oath and calling as doctors sacrificing themselves and their family. And now Kuya Greg has made the ultimate sacrifice of life, not because he was forced or obliged to do so, but because of his dedication to his craft and his constant devotion to be of service to others.”

Paraiso also shared some of his photos, along with the last batch of messages he received from the COVID-19 hero.

‘For you who is reading this, I ask you to share his story, both in life and in death, that others may learn from it, and that in his sacrifice we may pay tribute to and honor all the men and women in the frontlines who, like him, are risking self and family to serve us and keep us and our loved ones safe. “

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