Jan 10, 2021 @ 11:11

The nerve: Policeman involved in Tarlac mother-son murder pleads not guilty, netizens react

Paranaque policeman, Jonel Nuezca is pleading not guilty after he was recorded when he shot down a mother and son in Tarlac.

In a recent report, Sonya and Frank Gregorio’s abogado, Freddie Villamor confirmed that he did offered this plea.

This move did not sit right with many concerned citizens after the viral video of the shooting proved his actions. They also questioned why the case is still not closed when PAL flight attendant Christine Dacera’s case was initially closed immediately in a matter of days.

One even pointed out that there is no way this could be seen as normal behavior. Nuezca is being called out for his “kapal ng mukha” to feign innocence over the well-documented killing.

A netizen also called the policeman a psychopath, quoting Wendy Carr from the hit Netflix TV series, “Mindhunter.” He attributed this to Nuezca as he thinks that there is nothing wrong with what he did is a common trait among psychopaths.

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