Jan 19, 2021 @ 15:48

That’s a no! UP President responds to Lorenzana after DND-UP Accord termination

UP President Danilo Concepcion is standing firm and steadfast against the unilateral termination of DND-UP Accord. The abogado reminded Lorenzana that this does not excuse UP from the law but only seeks to protect its academic freedom.

Concepcion maintained that this will only generate mistrust and confusion in the community against the police or military. The abogado also stated that UP does not tolerate insurrection, sedition, or violence for political gain. However, the community should also not be fearful of law enforcement.

He once again emphasized that there is no need to fear academic freedom. The abogado acknowledged that while the university produced non-confirmists, he also noted that the State U produced Presidents, Vice Presidents, and other nation leaders.

Concepcion also anchored his argument on the overall academic rankings of the university as evidence of UP’s excellence. The abogado reiterated that this is a product of the academic freedom that was afforded to them in 30 years.

He enjoins Lorenzana to revoke the termination and invited him to discuss and address their concerns instead.

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