‘That could become our future’ John Molo warns Filipinos on unequal rule of law

Abogado and UP Law Professor John Molo shared a thought on his social media accounts on how what’s happening right now in the US can be the future of the Philippines.

“The ongoing US riots are a cautionary tale for our own leaders. As Trevor Noah placed it, your Power comes from a social contract. That contract says your power exists to protect and serve the people. And in exchange, citizens will follow the system’s rules. That contract only works if both sides honor it.”

He wrote on his Facebook account that the violations of rights and the unequal implementation of the law in America is somehow reminiscent of what’s happening in the country today.

“Thousands of arrests for quarantine violations. Exposing the poor to the scorching summer heat. Detaining a man for 12 days. Shooting a former soldier suffering from mental illness. All this while a top Police Official and a Mayor host a birthday party or a Covid positive senator gallivants. And you see perpetrators of illegal/underground Chinese clinics freed the same day, while Filipinos languish in detention.”

Prof. Molo warned, “If the Rich, the powerful and the Favored are allowed to flout the Law with No Punishment, then Why would the Poor, the powerless and the oppressed continue to Follow the Law? If you continue down this path, more and more people will ask: Is the Social Contract still worth honoring? Is the System still working or is it just a means to perpetuate our suffering?”

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