Friday 14 December, 2018
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Teddy Boy Locsin makes snide comment vs VP Leni

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After Vice President Leni Robredo expressed her “two cents’ worth” on the so-called basketbrawl among Gilas Pilipinas members and the Australian basketball team, the Philippine ambassador to the United Nations made a snide comment about the VP’s statement.

On Twitter, Teddy Boy Locsin posted: “O please, not a comment on everything.”

His comment appears to be a negative remark about Robredo’s choice to speak about the incident involving our national basketball team.

In her statement, Robredo wrote: “Patriotism and courage, however, must mean more than giving vent to our anger, even during the times when there is ample justification for it. Patriotism and courage demand that even in our righteous anger, we must always insist on doing what is right. The curses we hurl and the punches we throw, whether literally or figuratively, may provide immediate satisfaction. But if they undermine the essential justness of our cause, they serve us poorly.”

Do you think the VP shouldn’t have spoken about the issue?

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