Te finds nuance in SC’s ruling on PhilSat

Former Supreme Court spokesperson Theodore Te explained the nuance in the decision of the Supreme Court to scrap the Philippine Law School Admission Test being administered by the Legal Education Board.

The SC ruled that the law admission exam, which became a requirement for aspiring lawyers before they can enroll in Philippine law schools, is unconstitutional.

But after reading the decision, Te realized that the SC did not ban the PhilSat but only ruled that it cannot be used as a requirement to enter law schools.

“After re-reading the Decision (majority), I see the nuance in the PhilSat issue: the LEB may still administer the PhilSat but it cannot require it as an admission or enrollment requirement; this is the part that is unconstitutional for being ultra vires,” said Te.

Under a 2016 memorandum from the LEB, the PhilSat was required for admission to the Juris Doctor degree beginning school year 2019-2020.

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