Talents Association of GMA welcomes CA ruling

The Talents Association of GMA on Thuraday welcomed a Court of Appeals ruling declaring over 100 GMA Network workers as regular employees.

“The latest decision only confirms, and reiterates, what has been said before by the CA itself, the Labor Arbiter and the Labor Commission – that we are, indisputably, regular employees of GMA Network.”

“That GMA continues to contest this, with its arsenal of lawyers, only reflects its values as a company that claims its people are our best assets,” the group said in a statement.

The group vowed to pursue the case even before the Supreme Court should GMA opts to appeal the CA ruling.

” That we are continuing to pursue this case, with meager resources, reflects our commitment to push for better labor conditions in the media industry, no matter how long it takes, no matter where this goes.”

” If GMA takes the option to appeal the decision to the Supreme Court, we will welcome the opportunity to present our case to the High Court, and hopefully carve out jurisprudence that can benefit not just media workers, but all contractual workers in the country, ” the group said.

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