Jul 18, 2021 @ 13:09

Style mo bulok! NUPL chair sees Duterte’s VP immunity statement as freudian slip

The head of the National Union of People’s Lawyers was next to debunk President Rodrigo Duterte’s utterly mistaken claim that winning the vice presidency in 2022 will give him another six-year protection from lawsuits.

“VP no immunity from suit. That is rewriting the Constitution & even jurisprudence,” NUPL chair Edre Olalia said in his legal opinion, noting that only the President enjoys such during their term.

“So that is either a freudian slip or he has premeditated naughty intentions for now-he-is-not-running-now-he-is-running plans for VP,” the abogado added, considering this as another pabebe move which they already used in 2016.

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