Oct 4, 2020 @ 12:03

Stop imposing timelines on other people’s lives! Maria Sol Taule is tired of questions about when she is settling down

Abogado Maria Sol Taule has had enough of people not minding their own business when it comes to personal affairs.

On her Twitter account, she shared an encounter which has been too common not only for her but for most women in general. “A client of mine asked why I don’t have a family of my own at 34, as if it’s the be-all & end-all of existence. I’ve so much on my head but what came out of my mouth: Because I’m spending most of my time with (troubleshooting deep shits of) people like you.”


“I’m tired of this society imposing timelines on other people’s lives. Wala ba kayong ginagawa mga bes.”

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