Don’t be deceived! Abogado insists Paco Larrañaga is guilty of killing Chiong sisters

An abogado named Florence Dueñas Lagcao recently brought up a discussion about the conviction of Paco Larrañaga for the rape and murder of Cebu’s Chiong sisters in 1997, “for the love of criminal law.”

She presented opinions on why she thinks it is not impossible for Paco to be in Cebu City at the time of the commission of the crime.

“There were glaring inconsistencies in the testimonies and evidences presented in favor of Paco, that would ultimately debunk his very own defense,” Lagcao said.

She questioned why the testimonies of Paco and his teacher did not match, or why some of the defense’s evidence—like affidavits presented claiming that all the commercial flights from Manila to Cebu does not reflect a certain Paco Larranaga as its passenger—is not a conclusive evidence.

“As we are all very aware of, the prosecution must rely on the strength of its evidence and not upon the weakness of the defense. So how did the prosecution establish the guilt of Paco? They presented Rusia. The conviction of Paco here hinges primarily upon the testimony of Rusia. But not only upon his OWN testimony. The trial court took into consideration the corroborative testimonies of other witnesses as well,” she said.

“You can have all the theories you want. You can add all the facts you wish. Chiong Family may indeed be engaged in illegal act and that they probably are connected with Peter Lim. You can even say the mother was really weird when she ‘friended’ Rusia. You can even hate Rusia too. But what the hell, so what?? It does not necessarily follow that Paco is innocent, just because you think Chiong’s are engaged in illegal stuff. The two can co-exist, perfectly. We can have a dirty Chiong family and a guilty Paco at the same time. Don’t confuse yourselves. Facts before feelings, please,” she added.

Do you agree with her arguments?

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