Sta. Maria shares thoughts on 5 ‘senatoriables’

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Three weeks before the May 13 elections, Far Eastern University Institute of Law dean Mel Sta. Maria has lined up names of senatorial aspirants whose characters and careers are things he could vouch for.

Among them is Free Legal Assistance Group’s Chel Diokno, who Sta. Maria praised for handling pro-bono cases–a cause he had also supported when he was at the Ateneo Human Rights Center.

“He is a very dedicated and capable man-of the-law. For him, the rule of law must always prevail. He is also a very good administrator and educator. I know because, as Dean of La Salle Law School, Chel Diokno will not hesitate to share his ideas about legal education with other law deans including me who happen to be the Dean of FEU Law. He is a very good friend,” said Sta. Maria on Facebook.

Another person on his list is Samira Gutoc, who he calls “a true daughter of Mindanao” and a friend.

He said about Gutoc: “Her advocacy to provide true public service to all based on their authentic needs and her passion to follow through whatever she has started is just remarkable. She is very dependable.”

Also making his rundown is former solicitor general Florin Hilbay. According to Sta. Maria, he made sure he only invited inspiring lawyers to FEU Law’s graduation ceremonies, such Chief Justice Sereno, Justice Caguioa, Justice Leonen. Hilbay was also one of them.

“I invited Florin Hilbay because his life story is an inspiration in itself. He is brilliant, passionate and always makes sure that Filipinos come first,” said Sta. Maria.

He also talked about Magdalo partylist Rep. Gary Alejano: “Tested in actual battle, bemedalled for his valor. His patriotism, loyalty to the nation, to the country and his desire to protect our territories are unquestionable. He has a very clear idea as to where this country should proceed. Remarkable.”

Finally, there’s Neri Colmenares, whose talent is detecting government policy that is bad for the policy, said Sta. Maria.

“His independence is assured. He cannot be intimidated. He says things as they are especially those that are detrimental to the Filipino people. He reasons with legal and experiential basis. Neri is a friend and a patriot,” he added.

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