Sta. Maria approves ADMU president’s move over Irene Marcos issue

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For Mel Sta. Maria, Ateneo de Manila University president Jett Villarin made the right move when he accepted the resignation of the executive director of the university’s arts and culture building.

Arete executive director Yael Buencamino resigned after drawing flak for personally inviting Irene Marcos-Araneta, daughter of former dictator Ferdinand Marcos, to the launching of an art event in the building.

Sta. Maria, an Atenean himself, said he’s comfortable with Buencamino’s resignation, especially when the government has yet to recover millions of “ill-gotten wealth” accumulated by Marcos and “his immediate family members.”

“I do not agree that an ‘IMMEDIATE FAMILY MEMBER’ step into the Arete and inside the Ateneo as well,” Sta. Maria said in a Facebook post.

Inviting a Marcos brought back memories of how “the Ateneo and its grounds were totally disrespected, grossly intruded upon and violated by the Marcos Regime.” ADMU, he said, is sacred ground.

“Not allowing any of the ‘IMMEDIATE FAMILY MEMBERS’ inside the Ateneo is a strong, symbolic and historically -inspired statement that unless and until these ‘IMMEDIATELY FAMILY MEMBERS’ make, FIRST, a categorical acknowledgment that Ferdinand Edralin Marcos’ regime destroyed many Filipino lives and, SECOND, a commitment that they will not resist the PCGG claims( and they involve hundreds of millions of pesos) rightfully belonging to the Filipino people, these “IMMEDIATE FAMILY MEMBERS” ARE NOT welcome inside the Ateneo grounds,” he added.

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