Jan 21, 2021 @ 15:34

Special treatment talaga! Lawyer blasts DOJ for letting Pimentel walk free from quarantine breach

The decision of Department of Justice prosecutors to let Senator Koko Pimentel go unpunished for publicly going around despite being a suspected COVID-19 patient –– and eventually testing positive for it –– proved double standards in government.

Abogado Rico Quicho, who filed a complaint against Pimentel for going to the grocery and walking around Makati Medical Center in March 2020 despite knowing that he likely had the virus. Nearly a year later, the case was dismissed.

“Today’s dismissal by the DOJ of the quarantine breach complaint filed against Mr. Koko Pimentel places into serious doubt the government’s commitment to exact accountability from those who willfully or negligently put the lives of our front liners in danger,” Quicho said in a statement. “This promotes the wrong message that ordinary people must suffer the full extent of the law and some, while those in power get a free pass.”

What makes it more outrageous is the military and police crackdown on even the simplest quarantine violations, with commonfolk warned that they will be immediately arrested rather than just given a warning.

“We do ask a poignant question which, at this time, is surely shared by most: is there a different set of rules for Mr. Koko Pimentel, the powerful and the privilege, and a different set for the fish vendor, the weak, the forgotten and the ‘unimportant’?,” the lawyer added, blasting the senator’s “unearned privilege.”

“Enjoy it while it lasts, Mr. VIP.”

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