Oct 16, 2020 @ 18:10

Sol Taule on Nasino: Get the same treatment unless your surname is Enrile, Arroyo or Revilla

Political detainee Reina Mae Nasino’s abogado, Sol Taule expressed her disappointment again on the mistreatment of her client. The abogado shared that she was not allowed to even hug the coffin of her baby until the very end.

Taule mentioned that this is how merciless justice is here in the Philippines. The abogado warned that same thing will happen unless your surname is Arroyo, Revilla or Enrile.

The abogado also uploaded photos from the burial that showed armed men surrounding the family. Altercations between family and the Nasino legal camp happened previously during her visit to the wake.

Truly crushing sight!

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