Jan 5, 2021 @ 13:46

Sketchy! PAL FA friend accuses PNP of being ‘pa-hero’ in alleged rape homicide case

Philippine Airlines flight attendant, Christine Dacera’s friend, Nicole San Mateo lashed out on the Philippine National Police. She accused them of over sensationalizing the story and said that the truth will come eventually.

San Mateo also stated that they just want to be recognized so they are falsifying testimonies already. She claimed that she is friends with one of the suspects who she vouched for since he’s gay and can never harm anyone.

Finally, she wrote, “PNP just saw the opportunity and used it up against these innocent people—DISGUSTING!!!”

One doubted her intention and asked why she deleted these posts if she was serious about it. She also brought up the fact that why does she know what really happened if she was not there.

Ano kaya ang totoo?

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