Mar 15, 2021 @ 19:06

Senate learns a lesson as Palawan rejects bill dividing province into 3

Lawmakers received a virtual slap in the face after residents of Palawan reject the law passed by Congress and signed by President Rodrigo Duterte splitting the province into three separate units.

Abogado senators tried accepting it like a sport, but some took it as a lesson to be learned.

“I was the chair when we passed that and in fact it was a hotly-debated measure. At the time it did seem to make sense because of –– I think governability is a big issue,” Senator Sonny Angara said during the chamber’s Monday plenary session, admitting he was the head of the local government committee when the bill cleared the Senate. “We must respect the will of the sovereign people.”

Senator Richard Gordon called the voting result “disturbing” but accepted it as truth.

“I’m not against creating more provinces or districts for that matter, it’s just that we should really debate this because if it is approved, if it is heard, I’m just surprised why the people did not like it,” the abogado-politiko said.

“As far as I’m concerned, I would think twice, think three times before we approve provinces and districts,” he added, referring to the Senate’s recent vote favoring to split Maguindanao into two and create new legislative districts in Bulacan and Caloocan City.

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