Isip isip! SC reminds judges to be circumspect in issuing search warrants

SC suspends abogado for 1 year over unpaid residential dues

The Supreme Court (SC) has suspended abogado Averill Amor for one year, after his homeowners association complained of his failure to pay water, electricity and association dues.

In a recent 5-page notice of resolution, the SC 1st Division held Amor guilty of the administrative offense of gross misconduct.

In its complaint, the Executive Suites Homeowners Association, Inc. (ESHAI) accused Amor of failing to remit the water bill of all the tenants of the Malate residence when he was treasurer.

Only in 2005, when Amor left his uni,t did the association learn that the unpaid water bill of all tenants amounted to P42,000. He also did not pay his share of the water, electricity and association dues.

The SC noted that Amor did not deny having outstanding obligations for more than a decade. His “wrongful intent to not honor his debts” was a violation of Rule 1.01 of the Code of Professional Responsibility.

But, the SC did not adopt the Integrated Bar of the Philippines’ (IBP) recommendation to direct Amor to withdraw the cases he filed against ESHAI and its officers.

The IBP characterized Amor’s complaints for grave coercion, malicious mischief, perjury, falsification, and noncompliance with revenue regulations as “harassment suits.”

The SC deemed this “premature,” because the cases were still pending.

“Prudence dictates that we first allow the appropriate offices to determine and resolve the merits of each individual case,” read the notice signed by Division Clerk of Court Librada Buena.

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