SC: EJKs a matter of grave concern

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The Supreme Court admitted for the first time that deaths under the government’s anti-illegal drugs campaign were a matter of grave concern.

The high court likewise chided Solicitor General Jose Calida for claiming that the release of “tokhang” documents would risk national security.

It described Calida’s reluctance to issue the documents “ridiculous.”

“These information and documents do not involve rebellion, invasion, terrorism, espionage, infringement of our sovereignty or sovereign rights by foreign powers, or any military, diplomatic or state secret involving national security,” the SC said in a resolution

“It is simply ridiculous to claim that these information and documents on police operations against drug pushers and users involve national security matters,” it added.

Underscoring the public’s right to information, the SC said:” the undeniable fact that thousands of ordinary citizens have been killed and continue to be killed, during police drug operations certainly is a matter of grave public concern.”

“We do not tolerate the OSG’s unilateral arrogation,” the SC said as it reiterated its order for the OSG to comply “without any qualification.”

In December 2017, the SC ordered the OSG to submit documents related to 20,322 killings committed by both policemen from July 1, 2016 to November 27, 2017.

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