SC: Boracay’s closure constitutional

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The Supreme Court (SC) on Tuesday declared as constitutional President Duterte’s Proclamation No. 475 closing the world-renowned Boracay Island for six months last year.

Speaking on condition of anonymity, the SC voted 11-2 to dismiss the petition filed by three residents for lack of merit.

The President’s order closed Boracay to tourists and non-residents for rehabilitation from April 26 to October 25 last year.

While the proclamation had already expired, the SC still opted to rule on the merits of the petition and declared it constitutional.

In a nutshell, the SC upheld the position of the government that the order did not violate any provision of the 1987 Constitution.

It agreed with Solicitor General Jose Calida that the President issued the closure order in exercise of his power as chief executive under Sections 1 and 17, Article VII of the Constitution.

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