Jun 16, 2021 @ 20:15

Salute! Abogado accepts crabs for professional fee in court appearance

This abogado restored netizens’ faith in humanity for his kind act.

Lawyer Noel Allen Bose suited up to represent a client in a court in Sorsogon City on June 16. After the proceedings, his bashful client told him that he had no cash to settle his appearance fee and instead offered to pay him with the day’s catch.

Bose agreed and was shocked to receive a bunch of fresh crabs outside court.

The post quickly went viral, with many Filipinos in awe about the lawyer’s kind heart.

“The best talaga si Atty! Hinay hinay sa aligi,” a user commented.

Meanwhile, Bose responded with another joke that he’s now worried about his medical fees due to possible high cholesterol.

Now he’s home with a fresh pot of crabs plus virtual pats on his back. Sana all mabait!

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