Jun 10, 2020 @ 20:27

Safe but with no freedoms: Rico Quicho warns of anti-terror bill’s impact if signed into law

Former University of Makati law dean Rico Quicho have also joined the mounting opposition against the anti-terrorism bill which he warned would deny the human rights of Filipinos.

“I am against the passage of the Anti-Terrorism Bill,” he said in a statement on Wednesday (June 10).

If the bill is signed into law, Quicho warned that Filipinos would be “living in a society although arguably safe but definitely barren of freedom.”

“A denial of an individual’s human rights is too high of a price for the common good,” he pointed out.

“The State’s mandate to protect and the exercise of police power should always be in deference to fundamental rights enshrined in our Constitution, including the right to privacy, freedom of expression, and the right to association,” he added.

Though the bill has been classified as urgent, Quicho said Congress should have “the onus of reassessing the dire consequences of the act and making sure that our rights are neither trampled upon nor hindered by callous and tone-deaf anti-terrorism efforts.”

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