Atty. Bruce Rivera

Sadsad tuloy! Bruce Rivera explains Otso Diretso’s election loss

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Abogado Bruce Rivera emphasized that he has predicted the loss of Otso Diretso. The abogado noted that people should not act like that President Rodrigo Duterte is the one rigging the elections when it is the opposition slate’s fault.

Rivera noted that they have been constantly attacking candidates close to the president such as Senators Bong Go, Imee Marcos, and Bato Dela Rosa. The abogado shared that this is an old but ineffective tactic in political PR.

The abogado stated that the only reason HNP and PDP won is because they showed their qualifications and campaigned positively. He wrote, “The best strategy in political PR is LISTEN to the ground and do not rely on past success.”

Yung isa puro listen lang kasi walang qualifications!

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