Jul 19, 2021 @ 9:03

Romel Bagares to Duterte, cohorts: You can’t wish ICC away!

Public interest lawyer Romel Bagares explained why President Rodrigo Duterte is determined to get immunity.

The abogado said that it’s because he wants to escape the pressure from the International Criminal Court.

Bagares said that immunity will not be given in a legal context but through political power. The abogado said his daughter and rumored presidential candidate, Inday Sara has to win the next election so he can hold it out as long as he can.

He said that he is following in the footsteps of a Sudanese dictator who thought he could outlive the ICC. The abogado then issued this warning to him and his allies such as Bato Dela Rosa and Oscar Albayalde to read what happened to the dictator closely after his own people promised to cooperate with the ICC.

Bagares said that they can only delay the ICC proceedings but not wish it away.

Baka pati si Baste maging Presidente!

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