Rethink natin! Tony La Vina tackles banning Marcoses, people from Ateneo

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Atty. Tony La Vina has a lot of questions regarding the recent controversy that happened inside the Ateneo de Manila University. The abogado raised many points on how the Loyola schools will come up with the list of people to ban and the criteria they need to meet.

La Vina asked whether it is good for an academic community to do a ban and how limiting it can possibly be, leaving a lot of loopholes in the system. The abogado also grieved over the voluntary resignation Yael Buencamino who believes is a world-class asset to the university after she invited Irene Marcos, earning the ire of the student body.

The abogado emphasized that he does not believe in banning people in this context even as a professor who spent a better part of his classes explaining the Marcos dictatorship, Instead, he suggested, “I realize now that in my teaching, I have to emphasize more the future rather than the past so that we are focused more on making sure a dictatorship never happens again.”

PTSD ata tawag dyan, Sir!

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