Release the Kraken! Rivera speaks up about ‘passport mess’

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Abogado Bruce Rivera recently shared his two cents about the “passport mess” at the Department of Foreign Affairs—a massive data breach on Philippine passport holders.

But the abogado was quick to defend former DFA Sec. Alan Peter Cayetano from people who were blaming him for the breach.

“In fairness to the man, he was ineffective as DFA Secretary but the passport data woes was not his fault. In fact, truth be told, nobody in the DFA sold the information or leaked it,” he said.

“Worst, we gave it freely to a company who decided to keep it from us when we decided not to renew our contract,” he added.

Rivera said it is “only in the Philippines” that a government “happily bent over” a private company and allowed this to happen.

The abogado’s final note was nothing but challenging: “Now before you use your dirty netizen finger and point to PNoy Aquino and blame him. Let it be known that Oberthur was able to gain contracts in both Arroyo and Aquino administrations. Why are they able to operate and continue to screw us over for two administrations is beyond me. But it is enough for me to declare: Release the Kraken!!!”

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