Jul 8, 2020 @ 16:18

Rape, trafficking charges vs Quiboloy, 5 others junked

The Davao City Prosecutor’s Office has junked the rape, child abuse, and human trafficking charges filed against Kingdom of Jesus Christ (KJC) leader Apollo Quiboloy and five other church members

In a joint resolution dated June 29 but was only released just the other day, the prosecutors dismissed the cases for insufficiency of evidence. Also cleared were Cresente Canada, Jackielyn W. Roy, Paulenet Canada, Ingrid Canada and Sylvia Cemanes.

They said that the complainant, who was only 17 years old when the alleged sexual assault transpired, failed to allege in the complaint that “Quiboloy used force, threat or intimidation, nor that she put up tenacious and aggressive resistance against his alleged advances.”

Furthermore, the prosecutors noted the absence of evidence showing Quiboloy used his influence as church leader over the complainant.

“Abuse of influence cannot simply be inferred from the seeming influence that the respondent had over the complainant arising from his position in their organization; the same must be proven with evidence,” prosecutors said.

The complainant, who is a former member of Quiboloy’s religious sect, accused the pastor of raping her back in 2014.

Quiboloy, who claimed that he stopped one of the deadly quakes that jolted parts of Mindanao last October after he “told it to stop,” vehemently denied the accusations.

Also, the prosecutors pointed out that there was no other corroborating evidence, aside from the complainant’s testimony, to support her claim against Quiboloy.

As to the other charges, prosecutors said that complainant failed to show that the paddling and beating allegedly committed by respondent Cresente was intended to debase or humiliate her and her sister.

According to the prosecutors, the “beating” was instead a disciplinary action for the complainants’ alleged failure to clean their rooms.

“It can be fairly inferred that the respondent merely intended for the complainant and her sister to correct their behavior and for them to follow the rules,” prosecutors said.

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