Sunday 24 March, 2019
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Ranhilio Aquino on bashers: You are creating a culture of repression!

San Beda College of Law Graduate Studies Dean Ranhilio Aquino believes that he still has a right to speak his mind. After he shared his thoughts on Martial Law, he has been at the receiving end of online hate.

Aquino is alarmed over how that these so-called “defenders of freedom” are successful in creating a culture of repression. He emphasized that he merely shared his experience during Martial Law and that he is in no way trying to speak for anyone else.

Fr. Aquino also said that we are now experiencing an Orwellian nightmare, something ten times worse than a dictatorship. He refused to let these freedom fighters censor or invalidate his feelings.

He said that he will continue to speak his mind and not fall into the “intellectual hegemony” that rips the country apart. As an ending note, he clarified that if he does not appeal to their taste, they can always unfollow him online and find things more suitable to their liking.

Why follow a Marcos Apologist anyway?

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