Feb 21, 2021 @ 14:01

Public enemy #1: Persida Acosta blamed for COVID vaccine hesitancy

Public Attorney’s Office Persida Acosta is being crucified on social media for the Dengvaxia panic, the effects of which spilled over to the COVID-19 crisis as Filipinos are now hesitant to take vaccines.

Netizens blamed the panic-inducing strategy of Acosta for the refusal of thousands of Pinoys to take the shots, which would allow the country to return to normal as soon as possible after a year of lockdowns.

“Persida Acosta spread unfounded claims about the dengue vaccine, undermining the faith of Filipinos in vaccination and making regulators and vaccine manufacturers alike wary of immunization programs,” professor Gideon Lasco said. “She must be held accountable for the damage she has done to public health.”

Others blamed the media for an equally horrible responsibility.

“Dapat kina Acosta et al. ipakulong dahil gina** ang immunization program ng Pilipinas,” user @MaamSyj added.

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