Wednesday 12 December, 2018
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Dasal lang talaga! Check out how this aspiring abogado’s family backs her for Bar

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This Bar candidate is one lucky gal as one netizen continues to intercede for her from up above. Aspiring abogada, Ofelia Dumindin, has a whole family praying for her as its matriarch posted her plea on Facebook to gather enough prayers for her Bar Exam success.

To all my friends & relatives, Please help OFELIA DUMINDIN to ask Mercy for passing the BAR EXAMS 2017, Pray her every…

Posted by Titang Alba on Saturday, November 11, 2017

Mrs. Titang Alba requested her friends and relatives to pray for their bar candidate every Sunday of November. The aspiring abogada’s prayer warrior even posted a photo of her framed graduation photo with a rosary tied around it. Alba is also lighting candles in her behalf and offering fruits in her mini altar.

The second Sunday of the Bar is underway. The Civil Law Exam was held this morning followed by the Taxation Law Exam in the afternoon after a short break.

2 more Sundays pa. Ipinapasa-Diyos na agad si Ms. Abogada!

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