Pony up! Gideon Peña slams TRAIN Law supporters

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Atty. Gideon Peña is done with TRAIN Law’s privileged supporters. The abogado recently blasted these groups of people and asked them to “get off their high horse” to see the realities it represents.

Peña said that just because one does not suffer from the consequences of the new taxation system, it does not mean that it is shielded from criticism. The abogado blew his top off as he emphasized that TRAIN Law passes the burden to “industrious people doing hard labor.”

The abogado also noted that these people do not have social media accounts because they work day in and day out “to make ends meet.” He also quoted a line from the Dauntless Manifesto to further emphasize his point. He wrote, ” “We believe in shouting for those who can only whisper, in defending those who cannot defend themselves.”

Wag kang maki-aircon sa ivory tower ni Diokno!

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