Road to Pinoys’ rights more than ‘angkas mode’, says Hilbay

Poetic! Florin Hilbay talks about the water shortage

Atty. Florin Hilbay writes a poetic verse for the on-going water shortage in Metro Manila. The abogado talked about how people have taken for granted when the water supply was good.

Hilbay said that people have not given it any value until it is gone. The abogado said that Filipinos are now realizing how important it is in their daily lives especially now that the shortage is widespread in the cities.

The abogado wrote, “lagi kang tuliro at mainit ang ulo dahil wala. atat na atat ka pang hintaying dumating at pilahan.” The Otso Diretso slate has recently addressed the shortage and criticized the government for not being ready for it.

May pa-literature pa!

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