PJA condemns judge’s murder, members wear black armbands

The Philippine Judges Association on Thursday strongly condemned the recent killing of Ozamis City regional trial court Judge Edmundo Pintac, who was handling the drug cases lodged against ths Parojinog siblings, Nova Princess and Reynaldo Jr.

“The PJA condemns in the strongest terms possible the assasination of Judge Pintac. He had been known as an honest and upright judge. His untimely demise is a great loss not only to his family and friends, but also to the Judiciary that he had faithfully served for the last fifteen (15) years,” the PJA said in a statement.

To show their condemnation, judges of PJA during their convention in Tagaytay City on Thursday wore black armbands.

“In light of these trying times, we ask everyone to be steadfast and continue to do his or her duties without fear or favor. We owe it to those who shed blood in the line of service in the judiciary.”

“We ask that we be united in defending our institution as one Judiciary; united in the cause to uphold the rule of law and defend the Constitution. Together, we shall stand up against those who wish to instill fear among us and undermine the judicial process,” the group said.

Reports said Pintac was on his way home when he was gunned down by still unidentified suspects.

Pintac denied last year the siblings’ request to attend the funeral of their parents who were killed in a police raid.

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