Oct 22, 2021 @ 10:38

Pharmally exec explains why he’s hiding from Senate: ‘They treat us like criminals’

Mohit Dargani, corporate secretary of embattled Pharmally Pharmaceutical, explained why he’s eluding arrest despite an order from the Senate Blue Ribbon Committee.

In a statement, Dargani claimed self-preservation as he said that the Senate proceedings are painting him into something he’s not.

“The Blue ribbon failed to treat us justly. Rather than impartially listening to us, they tried to get us to incriminate ourselves. They want us detained because we asserted our rights, they can’t get what they want to hear from us,” Dargani said.

His sister Twinkle is also subject of an arrest order of the committee.

“Walang kinalaman ang Presidente sa transactions namin with PS-DBM. We are being falsely accused for political gain,” he added.

“They treat us like criminals whose lives aren’t worthy of living anymore. We tried our best to cooperate and respect them, but this was completely out of harmony with accepted legal standards.”

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